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Dr. David K. Moore

Assistant Superintendent

Mr. Yaset Fernandez
Administrative Director

Mr. John Pace
Administrative Director

Ms. Cecelia Magrath
Executive Director


Elementary Team

Ms. Candida Gil
Instructional Supervisor

Ms. Gloria Lopez
Instructional Supervisor

Ms. Ileana Sosa
Instructional Supervisor

Ms. Patty Sosa
Instructional Supervisor

Ms. Chava Thomas
Instructional Supervisor


Secondary Team

Dr. Gladys Barrio
Instructional Supervisor

Ms. Marion Chase
Instructional Supervisor

Dr. Sarah Chatel
Instructional Supervisor

Mr. Walter Fajet
Instructional Supervisor

Ms. Chanell Madison
Instructional Supervisor

Ms. Melissa Martinez
Instructional Supervisor

Ms. Kernique Moore
Instructional Supervisor



About Us

Historical background on ETO:

The Education Transformation Office (ETO) was developed in 2010 to serve 19 schools designated by FLDOE/USDOE as "persistently lowest-achieving". The original schools included: 6 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 10 high schools, and 14 million dollars for each of the next three years through the School Improvement Grant (SIG). In 2011, ETO was expanded to 26 schools by adding 3 elementary and 4 middle schools and an additional 6 million dollars in SIG funding. In year 3, ETO expanded to 66 schools by adding 27 elementary, 11 middle, and 2 senior high schools for a total of 36 elementary, 18 middle schools and 12 senior high schools.

In 2014-2015, ETO now provides instructional, curriculum, intervention, and wrap around support to all 78 Tier 3 schools within the district as identified using the District Support Formula (24 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 11 high schools). This formula was created to ensure all schools, regardless of geographical location, are provided with the appropriate level of support to increase student achievement and sustain growth beyond one year. This new approach strategically aligns the district's support to the specific needs of our schools. At the same time, this approach develops an emphasis on developing sustainable practices within the school to ensure that over a three year period schools can continue supporting and implementing high academic standards. This support will be delivered using a tiered approach.

Each tier has been designed to provide support for targeted schools and ensure that schools will advance through the tiering process over three years in order to sustain the rate of improvement based on the capacity that has been embedded at the schools. Schools will be divided into three tiers based on performance, trend analysis, and capacity. The tiers have been designed to provide a scaled system of support based on need and to release schools gradually from the tutelage of the Education Transformation Office as the capacity is built. Principals, assistant principals, teachers, and students will collaborate and will be supported in their effort to increase students' achievement.

Additionally, the Education Transformation Office (ETO) also functions as a hybrid Region for forty-five (45) schools throughout Miami-Dade County. The ETO Region collaborates and supports schools in the area of school operations, advocacy, curriculum and instruction, school improvement and professional development.

ETO mission statement:

The Education Transformation Office is committed to transforming schools and leading innovations that can be implemented across the district to Build, Sustain, and Accelerate student achievement.

Breakdown of how the Title I funds are being distributed in the ETO schools:

Title I funds are being used to fund Reading, Math and Science Coaches, PBS Coaches, teaching allocations along with Instructional Supervisors and Curriculum Support Specialists who directly support Tier 3 schools. In addition, funds are used to purchase textbooks, supplemental materials, technology and provide wraparound services. Also, schools are provided interventionists dollars which are used during the day, after school, on Saturdays and during Spring Break.

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